The Next Frontier and the 6th National Microgrids Conference

Date: 5th April 2017 – 7th April 2017 Location: Boston – Massachusetts – USA

The Microgrid is the next frontier in the transformation to a 21st century energy infrastructure.

Solar and Wind energy are now fast becoming commonplace and are experiencing massive deployment.  Load management using Time of use (TOU) and demand response (DR) resources is now common practice for many utilities in the United States and around the globe.  Energy storage and electric vehicle adoption are also seeing a greater market share as prices continue to plummet.

The next step is to tie this Menagerie of resources together into microgrids Continue reading

Rice Policy and Legal Dimensions of Climate Energy Forum: Tandem Talks on Unleashing Our Home and Country from Fossil Fuels 

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Innovative Rice Air, Climate, and Energy Education found here

Tandem Talks on Unleashing Our Home and Country from Fossil Fuels can be found here.  Additional expert talks can be found here.   Student talks can be found here.


I had the great pleasure of being asked to give a tandem-talk with Assistant Professor Daniel Cohan at the Rice Policy and Legal Dimensions of Climate Energy Forum.  The forum, held on February 9th and 10th, 2016, was the first of a series of forums led and developed by Professor Cohan. Continue reading

A Book Whose Timeliness is Critical: Dr. David Duke, Assoc. Prof. at Acadia University

…David Freeman and Leah Parks have written a book whose importance cannot be understated and whose timeliness is critical.  It is not a thought-provoking book in that it is aimed at an audience for whom the importance of the subject – a fully-sustainable energy future – is entirely clear. But it is an inspirational book in that the authors show clearly not only why energy sustainability has to be the most important policy issue of our time, but ways to achieve it.

Read Dr. David Duke’s full review on Laura Churchill Duke’s Blog

David Duke is Associate Professor and Head of Environmental & Sustainability Studies at Acadia University, Canada

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KBOO Community Radio Interviews Dave and Leah

Hosted by Barbara Bernstein 

Program: Locus Focus

Air date:  Mon, 02/01/2016 – 10:15am – 11:00am (Pacific Time)

Short Description:  How transitioning to an all-electric, all renewable society is both necessary and achievable. 

What would an all-electric America look like and why is it necessary not only to imagine such a reality, but to actually make it real? On this episode of Locus Focus we talk with David Freeman and Leah Y Parks, co-authors of ALL-ELECTRIC AMERICA, who will explain how making the transition to an all-electric, all renewable society is necessary, practical, financially viable, and achievable.

Book Review by Donna’s Chasing Clean Air Blog


Energy and climate change leaders interested in solutions, listen up! Answers to solve our climate and energy problems is comprehensively addressed by leading energy authority and advisor to U.S. Presidents – S. David Freeman – in his new book, co-authored with Leah Y. Parks: All-Electric America: A Climate Solution and the Hopeful Future.

Read Donna Barnett’s full review at Donna’s Chasing Clean Air blog


Bizarre weather in U.S. prompts deeper questions about the pace of climate change

We can no longer bury our heads in the sand.

Meanwhile over on the west coast, California’s Sierra Nevada snowpack(crucial to the state’s water supply) has reached its highest level since 2012; and this is good news for a state that has been frantically battling a four year drought. That said, the state’s plight is far from over.

And look what’s happening in the U.K. . .

For the full article see: the news hub

Gerard A. Murphy, A freelance journalist with an avid interest in cultural trends and evolutionary spirituality.


What’s the Business Model for Owning Car Batteries?

In following up yesterday’s review of the “All-Electric America” book, I asked co-author Leah Y. Parks what the business model for having utilities own car batteries is.

She kindly answered that question and pointed to a press release by a company called Green Mountain Power.

Read Karl-Friedrich Lenz’s full analysis at the Lenz Blog

KARL-FRIEDRICH LENZ, Professor of German Law, European Law and International Trade Law, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo



Book Review by Karl-Friedrich Lenz

All-Electric America was written by S. David Freeman, who was born in 1926 and has a long career as CEO of various energy companies. The second author is Leah Y. Parks, a journalist covering the electricity sector.

The Kindle edition of this book (which I read) was published in October 2015.

This is an excellent book. I strongly recommend reading it.

Read Karl-Friedrich Lenz’s full review at the Lenz Blog

KARL-FRIEDRICH LENZ, Professor of German Law, European Law and International Trade Law, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo


Ralph Nader Interviews S. David Freeman

“The U.S. has some big problems that require bold solutions. Unfortunately, books about solutions to our society’s problems are often given short shrift by reviewers or languish on our bookshelves. As I often say, this country has more problems than it deserves and more solutions than it uses. Now comes S. David Freeman.”   RALPH NADER, Consumer advocate, lawyer and author