Texas Renewable Energy Association

January 10, 2013. Dave is featured as one of the most celebrated of public power managers and renewable energy thought leaders, tells the attendees of Texas Renewables 2012 that now is the time to move boldly towards a clean energy future.


Dave’s Interview by Allan R. Hoffman

September 3, 2014, David Freeman was interviewed by blogger Allan R. Hoffman who has many government positions and has been on important committees in the energy industry since the Nixon administration, including but now limited to, —Office of Utility Technologies, IEA/Working Group on Renewable Energy, Office of Budget, Planning and Analysis (BPA) in the renewable energy in telecom industry.

The interview can be found here.

Dave’s Interview by Ralph Nader

October 4, 2014, David Freeman was featured on the “Ralph Nader Radio Hour.” The interview by Ralph Nader, can be found here.

Ralph, “…talks to old friend and climate crusader, S. David Freeman, about how we can get off of fossil fuels and make all of our power renewable.”