Where are they now: Former TVA chairman David Freeman reflects on power industry and turning 90

S. David Freeman became known for his signature cowboy hats after a dermatologist told him to cover his head. Freeman, former chairman of the TVA board, lives in Washington, D.C., and just turned 90.“S. David Freeman left Knoxville nearly three decades ago as TVA chairman to run power systems elsewhere and help California solve electricity blackouts. Now he lives in a condo in Washington, D.C., in order to spend time with his family living in the area…
Freeman turned 90 in January and went to Los Angeles with family members two weeks ago for a big party, he said…
He recently co-authored a book with Leah Y. Parks, a journalist in the electricity industry, called “All-Electric America.” The authors say the book makes the case that an all-electric, all-renewable society by 2050 is both necessary and achievable”.

Georgiana Vines thumbnailInterview by Georgiana Vines of the Knoxville News Sentinel.
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Clean Energy Pioneer David Freeman’s Vision for an All-Electric 100% Renewable Energy Future

All Electric America is an important piece of work that all of us should read. But, it’s also a potent reminder of David Freeman’s commitment to be in it for the long haul. With much work to do to overcome powerful interests intent on slowing progress; we could all do well to follow his example.

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Rob Sargent is Energy Program Director at Environment America

Turning America’s electricity sector into a growing and clean industry


This book was a surprise and a revelation. What it does, no less, is propose in the strongest terms that America’s electric utilities do two things: (1) step forward boldly and supplant energy suppliers that fuel our buildings and transportation sectors, both of them high-energy use and high carbon emitting and (2) as quickly as possible, end use of fossil-fueled generation and replace it with renewable energy.

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Robert Marritz is publisher and executive editor of both ElectricityPolicy.com and Electricity Daily.