Leah Y Parks


Leah Y. Parks is a writer and associate editor for electricitypolicy.com and Electricity Daily, a journal that examines current events and the state of the industry for utility executives, commissioners, regulators and other experts in the field. She served on City of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Environmental Policy Task Force, has carried out extensive research in the field, has acted as an advisor for technology reports, and has written extensively about innovations in energy storage, smart grid technology, and renewable energy.

 Ms. Parks holds a Masters of Science degree from Stanford University in Civil and Environmental engineering and a BA from the University of Wisconsin in International Relations. She completed an internship at the United Nations and as an engineer she worked on projects focusing on water distribution, water planning and resource allocation.

Her unique and diverse background encompasses expertise in the technical fields of environmental engineering and science as well as the fields of journalism, international relations, biological sciences, languages, public relations, arts and humanities. This diversity gives her unique skills for effectively solving both engineering and political problems as well as explaining the complex technical and political subjects in the fields of engineering, science, and policy.

Parks’ writing captures the transformation and trends occurring in the electricity industry. Two notable pieces written by Parks include: “Storage: The Holy Grail Liveth” and the in-depth article “A Visionary Path to Sustainable, Clean, and Affordable Energy,” which explores 10 years of basic research by, Mark Z. Jacobson, on how it will be possible to reliably power the world with wind, water and solar energy.

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