Leah’s slides from her Oregon Electric Vehicle Association talk

According to Gary Graunke, President of OEVA:

The Oregon Electric Vehicle Association (OEVA) is a non-profit association of electric vehicle enthusiasts. We promote electric vehicle education and encourage their safe construction and use. We are part of the Multnomah Hot Rod Council and a chapter of the Electric Auto Association.”

“We used to be primarily a group of hobbyists that assisted each other in building our own electric cars, trucks, boats, etc. Many of the early members, such as John Wayland, were drag racers. Andy Grove once called groups like ours the equivalent of the Homebrew Computer Club that preceded the IBM PC in personal computers. We encouraged automakers to sell electric vehicles in Oregon, and worked with ODOT and WASHDOT to deploy fast charge stations throughout the Pacific Northwest. (We were listed as collaborators on the Federal Highway Administration’s Climate and Environment Award to those organizations). ”

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Texas Renewable Energy Association

January 10, 2013. Dave is featured as one of the most celebrated of public power managers and renewable energy thought leaders, tells the attendees of Texas Renewables 2012 that now is the time to move boldly towards a clean energy future.