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All-Electric America shows us a hopeful path forward

Whether you are simply curious about renewable energy, a consumer or a business owner looking to save money, a citizen concerned about climate change, or a political leader worried about your local economy, All-Electric America is an invaluable guide to the benefits and opportunities that come with fully adopting renewable energy.

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Letter: We have a duty to mend the environment

Quick hit by the Rev. Jim Roberts, Rockford.

“Like a positive future? David Freedman, 40-year adviser and utility CEO, and Leah Parks say in their book, “All Electric America,” that by reducing the use of fossil fuels by 3 percent per year, and installing renewable energy — efficiency, conservation, solar, wind, hydrogen, heat pumps, energy storage and electric transportation — our economy could be emission free by 2050. And, at costs not exceeding those of oil, gas and nuclear options.”

A vision for an all electric America By Drs. Robert & Sonia Vogl

In their book, All Electric America, S. David Freedman and Leah Y. Parks declare that renewable energy sources can provide us with all the energy we need to run our economy. Their perspective is tempered by Freedman’s 40 years as an energy policy maker and utility CEO. They call for an energy transition that occurs quickly enough to prevent runaway global warming. Wind and solar energy alone are depicted as sufficient to meet all of our energy demand far into the future.

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Drs. Robert & Sonia Vogl are President and Vice President of the Illinois Renewable Energy Association.

Clean Energy Pioneer David Freeman’s Vision for an All-Electric 100% Renewable Energy Future

All Electric America is an important piece of work that all of us should read. But, it’s also a potent reminder of David Freeman’s commitment to be in it for the long haul. With much work to do to overcome powerful interests intent on slowing progress; we could all do well to follow his example.

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Rob Sargent is Energy Program Director at Environment America

A Book Whose Timeliness is Critical: Dr. David Duke, Assoc. Prof. at Acadia University

…David Freeman and Leah Parks have written a book whose importance cannot be understated and whose timeliness is critical.  It is not a thought-provoking book in that it is aimed at an audience for whom the importance of the subject – a fully-sustainable energy future – is entirely clear. But it is an inspirational book in that the authors show clearly not only why energy sustainability has to be the most important policy issue of our time, but ways to achieve it.

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David Duke is Associate Professor and Head of Environmental & Sustainability Studies at Acadia University, Canada

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Turning America’s electricity sector into a growing and clean industry


This book was a surprise and a revelation. What it does, no less, is propose in the strongest terms that America’s electric utilities do two things: (1) step forward boldly and supplant energy suppliers that fuel our buildings and transportation sectors, both of them high-energy use and high carbon emitting and (2) as quickly as possible, end use of fossil-fueled generation and replace it with renewable energy.

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Robert Marritz is publisher and executive editor of both and Electricity Daily.

Book Review by Donna’s Chasing Clean Air Blog


Energy and climate change leaders interested in solutions, listen up! Answers to solve our climate and energy problems is comprehensively addressed by leading energy authority and advisor to U.S. Presidents – S. David Freeman – in his new book, co-authored with Leah Y. Parks: All-Electric America: A Climate Solution and the Hopeful Future.

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Bizarre weather in U.S. prompts deeper questions about the pace of climate change

We can no longer bury our heads in the sand.

Meanwhile over on the west coast, California’s Sierra Nevada snowpack(crucial to the state’s water supply) has reached its highest level since 2012; and this is good news for a state that has been frantically battling a four year drought. That said, the state’s plight is far from over.

And look what’s happening in the U.K. . .

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