A Book Whose Timeliness is Critical: Dr. David Duke, Assoc. Prof. at Acadia University

…David Freeman and Leah Parks have written a book whose importance cannot be understated and whose timeliness is critical.  It is not a thought-provoking book in that it is aimed at an audience for whom the importance of the subject – a fully-sustainable energy future – is entirely clear. But it is an inspirational book in that the authors show clearly not only why energy sustainability has to be the most important policy issue of our time, but ways to achieve it.

Read Dr. David Duke’s full review on Laura Churchill Duke’s Blog

David Duke is Associate Professor and Head of Environmental & Sustainability Studies at Acadia University, Canada

…Even more, they set out a clear path to that future, one that engages citizens at all levels and which offers ways for all of us to begin the transition to clean energy right now, ways that are within our financial reach as individuals, and which will pay huge dividends, both environmental and financial, as soon as we begin to implement them, and far into the future too…


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