Climate “Danger Zone,” the 2 Degree Celsius Limit May Be Too High


New study finds that 2oC limit may be conservative.  The article, “A New Climate-Change Danger Zone?” in the New Yorker explores, how unresolved the limit is and that even at 2 degrees Celsius we will see major climate impacts.

The article states:

“Now a group of climate modellers is arguing that the danger point is, in fact, a lot lower than that. In a paper set to appear online this week in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, the modellers, led by James Hansen, the former director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, warn that an increase of two degrees Celsius could still be enough to melt large portions of Antarctica, which, in turn, could result in several metres’ worth of sea-level rise in a matter of decades. What’s important about the paper from a layperson’s perspective—besides the fate of the world’s major coastal cities, many of which would be swamped if the oceans rose that high—is that it shows just how far from resolved, scientifically speaking, the question of danger levels remains. And this has important political implications, though it seems doubtful that politicians will heed them.”

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