Leah Parks’s interview on KDHX’s Earthworms show


“Given the persistence of fossil fuels, it’s tough to imagine how Ready KiloWatt and his gang can power an optimistic, realistic new era. And with ever-more gizmos guzzling juice, does energy efficiency have a prayer?

YES! say former utility CEO and energy policy authority S. David Freeman and today’s Earthworms guest, energy journalist Leah Y. Parks. They are co-authors of a great new book, All-Electric America – A Climate Solution and the Hopeful Future (2016, Solar Flare Press). This book is a terrific summary of clean energy options, clearly explaining solar to storage, economics to electric cars – backed by current examples from U.S. cities, businesses, utilities and points of techno-evolution.

Dave Freeman remains optimistic after 7+ decades of energy work, as an architect of the US EPA during the Nixon era, as L.A.’s Deputy Mayor for Energy and Environment, and as CEO of utilities in Texas, California and New York. Leah Parks represents their research and writing partnership with clear enthusiasm for the many ways clean electrical technology is HERE, and how even utility evolution inertia is being overcome, in examples like Vermont’s Green Mountain Power and Oregon’s Pacific Power.

Could America’s clean energy future be plugged in and powering up right now? This Earthworms conversation says, energetically, YES!”

Interview by Jean Ponzi.

Listen to the full interview in the KHDX website.


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